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  • Carol: Burj Al Arab is like the Cannes or Puerto Banus of Dubai. It's popular with people from across the whole world, and also with the wealthy Arabs. It's here for the long term. more...
  • John: Stayed at Burj Al Arab so I ate in downtown and it was really nice night. The food was great as I love oriental food and the restaurant was quite but nice and cosy. I would recommend going there.. more...


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Most fun
I have ever had

Sand boarding trip in
the Dubai desert

We just got back from an exhilarating sand boarding trip over mountains of sand in the Dubai desert. Pretty much the most fun i´ve ever had. Our driver was awesome, I only thought we were going to die half the time, and flyin´ down those sand dunes was so much fun! Much softer than snowboarding, and just as fun. There was a Swiss guy that was just ¨ripping it up¨ down the sand dunes. I also couldn´t believe how much the desert looked the scenery in Star Wars Episode 1. It was unreal!!! Sand, sand, everywhere... more...

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